No More Narchole

Narcissism: One of the few conditions where the patient is left alone and everyone is treated.

He wasn’t happy until he had me all to himself

I can relate to so many things in this article, such as thinking that I was losing my memory, the isolation, losing my friends, letting go of myself, not knowing myself anymore, the loneliness, how he would say that he couldn’t sleep or work because he couldn’t stop thinking about me and that would make me feel guilty, and more. Three different stories from three different survivors and I can see myself in all three stories to a more or lesser degree. We all seem to share similar experiences. If you doubt it, please, read. You are not going crazy and you’re not alone.



It’s just dinner

An outstanding piece written by Crazybutttricia. Please, reblog. This is exactly what I was talking about the other day and in the article I found, but she’s so much more eloquent than me. We need to let the legal system know how we feel, how they are affecting our children’s lives, that they can’t treat them like property to be divided equally and fairly, that the system is obsolete and doesn’t work.


“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.” ~ Anonymous

Sometimes, I can’t help but find myself asking the same question over and over again, “How did I get here?” It is a dangerous thing to do, if I am not in a certain emotional state. Today, it is one of those days when I shouldn’t be asking myself that question. However, the answers are flowing one after the other one and at an incredible speed.

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Breaking a little piece at a time

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind, not with it.” ~ Henry Ford

Today was a very hard day for me. I could not shake the image of my daughter crying out of my mind no matter what I would try. The small sense of victory from yesterday was squashed by her departure this morning.

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The ability to procreate does not guarantee rights automatically

I found an article that reflects exactly how I’m feeling these days. I am copying some points that express how I have been feeling all along my divorce case.

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I feel like giving up

~ A narcissist will always have someone they accuse of ruining their life. It is invariably the same person the narcissist is trying to destroy.

I wanted to write last week. But I could not find the energy. It proved to be a very difficult week to me.

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