Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m just someone who is trying to navigate the roads of survival and recovery after Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD.) By no means, I’m a professional or expert on the subject. I’m just trying to learn about this disorder so I can heal from the emotional damage inflicted on me.

I don’t want to call myself a victim. For some reason, that word makes me feel that people will pity me. I don’t want their pity; I ultimately would like for them to understand as much as they can of what I went through and what I’m still going through, as well as be compassionate. But even with that said, I know that unless they go through what I had to go through, they won’t really understand and, honestly, I do not want them to ever have to experience what I had to experience. In fact, nobody should ever have to deal with NPD or any other mental disorder for that matter.

So the main reason for this blog is to help me heal by sharing my experience. Writing helps to process my thoughts and feelings. The other reason for this blog is to bring hope to others who might feel that there is no hope out there; that they may be feeling alone, going crazy, and with a life that is completely out of their control.

If that’s the case with you, I just hope that we can navigate this road together, to where there is light and hope.