No More Narchole

Narcissism: One of the few conditions where the patient is left alone and everyone is treated.


Legal System

It’s just dinner

An outstanding piece written by Crazybutttricia. Please, reblog. This is exactly what I was talking about the other day and in the article I found, but she’s so much more eloquent than me. We need to let the legal system know how we feel, how they are affecting our children’s lives, that they can’t treat them like property to be divided equally and fairly, that the system is obsolete and doesn’t work.


I Wished He Had Hit Me

Sounds bad, doesn’t it, to wish you were hit? Because you can show a bruise and it is undeniable. You can file a police report. You can show the x-rays of your broken bones and you can share your medical record. But how do you prove emotional abuse to anyone? You even take the risk of being labeled crazy and that’s why many of us do not seek help for the longest time or until the fear of staying the same is stronger than the fear of change and therefore, we finally decide to reach out.

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