No More Narchole

Narcissism: One of the few conditions where the patient is left alone and everyone is treated.




Almost a month ago, I had said that two things had happened and ended up talking about just the one. To some degree, I’m glad I waited longer to post about the other thing because more things have been happening ever since that I feel are related and they all took place during Mass.

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We All Have Scars

I wanted to share BeautyBeyondBones entry for today. If you’re not familiar with this blog, then let this be your introduction. In this particular article entitled ‘Strangers on a plane‘ she shares her thoughts after noticing the passenger next to her had scars from self-inflicted injuries.

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Do you believe me?

I asked my attorney. “Do NOT lose faith. You are stronger than that. I believe in you, your mom does and a lot of other people who provide you great support.” I go back to the e-mail message. I keep on reading her words in probably a desperate effort to find the strength to not give up. I can’t help but cry a little while reading them. And she’s right. I am stronger than this. I do have support from my closest friends and I don’t know where I would be without my mom. But I can’t help feeling this way when I feel I’m swimming against the current.

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In a very dark place

Before I get to it, I want to say that this entry may be found triggering for some readers. I just want to warn you. I’m already in a dark place. I don’t want to drag other people there with me. So please, stop reading if you must. I encourage you to do so.

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Finding my passion once again after NPD abuse

I was going to publish a post about fear and then I changed my mind. I may talk about fear sometime in the future. However, two things happened today that made me change my mind. One of them is the topic for this post. The other one, the sermon at Mass. But let’s get to it, shall we?

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Tools for Healing: Wake Up To The Word

I found this book by chance while grocery shopping at the supermarket. It was on a shelf not in the books section of the store, but amongst some other merchandise where it clearly didn’t belong. Some other person might have left it there after changing his or her mind and deciding not to buy it, which allowed for me to happen upon it. Those are the kind of things that make me think that God can sometimes act in mysterious but yet simple ways.

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Unfinished Business

I don’t know if this is a normal thing with narcissists, but my husband never finishes a task or project. I mean, my understanding of finishing a project or task includes picking after yourself, especially when it can affect other people. My husband would start a project, sometimes months after he said that he was going to start it, it would take him several days to get through it when it could have been completed in one afternoon, and then he would leave tools, trash, and everything else all over the place, for weeks.

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Divorcing a Narcissist: A Humbling Experience

The title for this post might not be the kind of title you would expect on a blog about surviving Narcissistic Personality Disorder abuse. But that is precisely what I have realized this past weekend.

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Save Water: Share The Shower With Your Narc

That’s what my husband, the narcissist, is accusing me of and on what he’s basing the whole divorce petition. Of being an extremely controlling person. It’s interesting how they accuse you of the very things they do to you. This past weekend, I remember how I would not even get to be by myself when I needed it, even in the bathroom.

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