No More Narchole

Narcissism: One of the few conditions where the patient is left alone and everyone is treated.



Can I make peace with my narcissistic ex?

A 5-minute video from Richard Grannon about how the unconscious tells you you’re safe or not, why you may suffer anxiety or panic attacks, and when you are finally over your ex narc.


Five Key Phrases to Disarm a Narcissist

I’m back after two weeks of dealing with appointments for my daughter and meetings with my attorney because of the endless list of motions my husband keeps filing against me. And we’re also getting ready for arbitration. But let’s get to it, shall we?

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Subtle Symptoms of Narcissism

If you’re feeling confused, you know that something is off with your partner, and you don’t know where to begin, this video is for you.  You may also want to explore some more videos in that channel (“From Surviving to Thriving.”) If not more, at least, you may end up feeling that you’re not alone or crazy.

Five Life Skills To Help You Deal with Narcissistic People

I was watching videos about Narcissistic Personality Disorder on YouTube yesterday when this video showed up in my feed. The video is by Lisa A. Romano and she shares great advise on what to do to protect yourself against the narcissists in your life. The five skills she talks about in this video are, as follows, Continue reading “Five Life Skills To Help You Deal with Narcissistic People”

Narcissistic Abuse: An Unspoken Reality

Find below a 17-minute documentary on Narcissistic Personality Disorder, by Richard Grannon from Spartan Life Coach. In Richard’s words:

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