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Narcissism: One of the few conditions where the patient is left alone and everyone is treated.



When the tables are turned

~ Love doesn’t hurt. Lying, cheating, and screwing with people’s feelings and emotions hurt.

How great it feels when you can finally show the narcissist in your life that their threats and insults just slide from you like nothing. I still have a long way to go. However, the argument we had the other night has proven that I have come a long way from where I was about 3 years ago.

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NPD Divorce: Avoid Psychological Evaluations

I’m only talking from my own experience. Always follow your attorney’s advise. With that said, I had read many blogs and fora about divorcing an individual with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and many survivors and victims out there are advising to avoid psychological evaluations at all cost. I wish I had that option. I did not. Ours was court-mandated. Mark my words: The narc will ace the evaluations.

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Do you believe me?

I asked my attorney. “Do NOT lose faith. You are stronger than that. I believe in you, your mom does and a lot of other people who provide you great support.” I go back to the e-mail message. I keep on reading her words in probably a desperate effort to find the strength to not give up. I can’t help but cry a little while reading them. And she’s right. I am stronger than this. I do have support from my closest friends and I don’t know where I would be without my mom. But I can’t help feeling this way when I feel I’m swimming against the current.

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In a very dark place

Before I get to it, I want to say that this entry may be found triggering for some readers. I just want to warn you. I’m already in a dark place. I don’t want to drag other people there with me. So please, stop reading if you must. I encourage you to do so.

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Today… No, tomorrow. No! Both days

So once again, I had to wait for my husband to come back with our daughter from his parents’ this past Saturday. And once again, he was late. And once again, he tried to gaslight me. It’s getting old.

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Dear Narcissistic Future Ex-Husband

Before I dive into what I’m going to say to you, just note that the ‘Dear’ opening this letter is merely a formality resulting from the way the English language works. So take that lightly. With that out of the way, let’s get to business.

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Mission Impossible: Reconciliation

Today at Mass, during the prayers, one was offered for families and marriages who are struggling. When I heard that, I felt this warm feeling in my heart, something I needed a lot today. Unfortunately, that was not the end of that particular intention. The lady went on to add ‘so there can be reconciliation and they can become a stronger family‘ and I don’t know what else she said because I stopped listening at those words.

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Unfinished Business

I don’t know if this is a normal thing with narcissists, but my husband never finishes a task or project. I mean, my understanding of finishing a project or task includes picking after yourself, especially when it can affect other people. My husband would start a project, sometimes months after he said that he was going to start it, it would take him several days to get through it when it could have been completed in one afternoon, and then he would leave tools, trash, and everything else all over the place, for weeks.

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Divorcing a Narcissist: A Humbling Experience

The title for this post might not be the kind of title you would expect on a blog about surviving Narcissistic Personality Disorder abuse. But that is precisely what I have realized this past weekend.

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