I asked other survivors if they had nicknames or pseudonyms for the narcissists in their lives. While many people will say that calling other people names is not really a good thing and lowers you to their same level, you need to put yourself in the survivor’s shoes. They do this in order to cope with their individual situation and especially during the healing stages. I hope you can understand that.

Either way, I thought about sharing some of those in this post, to just bring awareness of how survivors feel and where they come from. If you really stop to think about it, these nicknames can tell a lot of what a victim of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) has to deal with on a regular basis while being exposed to the narcs in his or her life. I had to remove some characters or replace them with special ones in order to prevent foul language. But you’ll get the idea. By the way, some survivors said that they cannot even list them, since they have a lot. Other ones said that he or she was not even worth an expletive. And other ones submitted some in other languages, Spanish being the most common of those other languages.

Feel free to submit your own ones in the Comments section, if you do have some that are not listed herein already.

Narhole Narcula A…hole
Fifty Shades Dillweed Buttnose
Dipsh!t F*cker MF
A…wipe D!ckhead Douchebag
Jack…ss Goof Jerk
IT The Terminator BT-1000 Butthead
Narcinator 2000 Cockroach Loser
Ass-cissistis Dillweed Buttnose
Weasel Wanker Lemon Lips
Just Another Psycho Exhole The Complicator
Dumb…ss The Liar Con Man
Piece of cr@p The Entitled Sharkula
Evil The Devil Who…e
B!tch Vomit Suck-u-biss
Hitler White Walker The Thing
Dwarf You-Know-Who The Kraken
Skullet F…ckhead Big Cheese
Big D!ck Big Arse Pile of sh!t
Pile of poop Swine F…cktard
Him Her Bulldozer
Octopus Python Satan
Einstein Stoneface Freak
Pig Lucifer Sir Suck A Lot
Prick DBag Dirty B!tch
Pants on Fire Narcissus Creep
Tard Leach Demonic Child
N (name starts with an N and ‘narcissist’ also stars with an N)
D-DAN (Doesn’t deserve a name)