This book is only available through Amazon Kindle since it’s an e-book. There is no paperback available and, in order to read it, you will need to have Kindle installed on your phone or tablet. It can also be read on the Amazon Kindle web version.

It is a really fast read. You may be able to finish reading it in an hour or so, unless you like to digest concepts and highlight ideas and other points you may want to remember, review, or expand upon later.

This short e-book might be more appropriate as a first read on Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD.) It doesn’t dive deep into some concepts and it may not provide all the answers a reader might be looking for. For that, you may be better off reading other books. Nonetheless, it is a very good read.

The author is a therapist who decided to learn more about NPD because of her patients’ stories and experiences. This is actually a good thing. Not all therapists are capable of realizing that they are dealing with NPD and they miss the signs since the majority of them are not trained on NPD, nor they have been exposed to it themselves.

The book provides high-level descriptions of the types of narcissism, from narcissistic traits—less extreme—to psychopathy, the latter being the extreme. It also talks about how people become narcissists, the signs that you’re dealing with a malignant narcissist, the course of a relationship with a narcissist, his or her toolbox, what you do for a narcissist and how you’re being used.

The most important content for me as a reader are the chapters covering how to heal from narcissist abuse, how to step away from an abusive relationship, how to deal with a malignant narcissist, how to get help and some resources.

But the highlight for me was a workbook provided by the author. This section, titled From Survivor to Thriver: A Workbook for Ongoing Healing from Narcissistic Abuse. The author created this workbook to help through therapy sessions. Just this workbook might make it worth for the reader. To give you an idea, below is the list of questions included in this workbook.

Reality Testing — Idealize, Devalue, Discard

  1. Record the actions / words / manipulations he or she tossed your way to hook you in the relationship
  2. List the actions / words of your malignant narcissist that had you wondering what was going on
  3. List the actions you took to try to appease her or him
  4. Record when it was that you realized you were being discarded by the malignant narcissist
  5. What things did he or she say or do to get you to comply with his or her wishes in the discard phase
  6. Do you have no contact with your abuser?
  7. What do you miss the most about the malignant narcissist? What do you not miss?
  8. What angers you the most about the malignant narcissist’s behaviour and words?
  9. Rebuilding tools — What is your new identity as a thriver?
  10. Draw a picture of life before / duing / after the malignant narcissist
  11. What elements do you need to see in a healthy relationship in the future?
  12. What are the three things you accomplished today that you are most proud of?
  13. What are the three things you are grateful for?

These questions are accompanied by instructions and descriptions so you can better understand or complete the tasks presented to you.

While this book is mostly directed to romantic relationships, you might find it useful for whichever is your personal situation. With that said, do not expect it to help you in a more committed relationship, such as a marriage. For that, you are going to need other types of books. Nevertheless, if you have not read anything about NPD and you’re just learning about this condition, you won’t feel you wasted your time reading this book. However, you may not be able to complete the tasks presented in the workbook until you learn more about NPD from other sources.

Summarizing, for the price of this book, it’s very well worth its price. Click here to see this book on Amazon.